Monday, July 11, 2011

A Sketch - Chris Hart

Partially penciled lines
Outline leisure hours
Spent with friends
And pencils.

Rough edges, repeatedly rubbed
To shade and blur
Obscure half-finished ideas
Heroes and villains
Whose battles will have to wait.

But rather than unfinished
These sketches are
Potential embodied.
It's not too late for them
To be anything they want to be.

I noticed some old sketch books of mine sitting around, and flipped through them.  My favorite part of sketching is that if what I'm drawing isn't holding my attention, I can just leave it a wonderful, weird, wacky, unfinished things.  It's fun to look back through them.

I don't think I quite managed to capture that in the poem.  I wanted to reflect the uncertain lines of a sketch, and its somewhat aloof qualities.  I'm not so sure I did, but I tried.  I also wanted to reflect the bizarre attraction and majesty of an unfinished thing.  I'd write more, but I really want to sketch now.


  1. sorry that this is super random and stalker-y, but i just wanted to say, i like how this poem is meta... using a certain form of art to describe another.... i want to dance your poem to make it triple meta! Good job, i enjoyed it!

  2. Not super random or stalker-y at all! The blog's here for people to read, and comments are very much appreciated! Now a dance to embody the act of drawing, that would be VERY cool.