Monday, July 18, 2011

Beatlemania - Chris Hart

Girl, act naturally.
Every little thing,
Crying, waiting, hoping,
Let it be, little child.

Loving you, real love,
That means a lot.
From me to you, don't ever change.

You like me too much, woman.
It's only love?  It's all too much.
Another girl can't buy me love,
How do you do it?

I call your name.
No reply.  Misery.
Oh! Darling, slow down,
Because chains come together,
Hold me tight.

I lost my little girl.
I need you.
I, me, mine,
I feel...fine.


P.S. I love you

Thinking of Demetri Martin's beer bottle poem, I wanted to try my own "found" poetry.  Rather than a beer bottle, or a book cover, I decided to limit myself to the titles of Beatles songs.  The resulting poem is a bit clunky, but overall, tells a neat little story of a man forsaken by his love.

Unsurprisingly, I noticed that the majority of the titles were love themed, so this forced me into a similar theme for the poem.  I could have tried to break away from that, but it felt wrong to fight the flow of narrative logic in this case.  I was free with punctuation, which allowed me to color some of the titles in ways other than their original context, which I felt was necessary.

My main worry with this poem was that the song titles would feel too obvious, and stick out too much, which is why I tried to avoid terse statements.  The fourth and fifth stanzas are riddled with unfortunately short passages, though I think they still work.  By that late stage in the poem, the tone is set firmly enough that the inherent novelty of song titles being the means of composition do not jump out so much as they might have earlier in the poem.  I also was able to use a strategic rhyme at the end of the poem, as I lauded Seamus Heaney for doing in "Mid-Term Break" and I think it's rather nice.  I couldn't resist tagging "P.S. I love you" on to the end.  I'm pleased that I managed to subvert the phrase "P.S. I Love You" from its original peppy, happy tone to a grueling, agonizing admission.

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