Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Aliens - Amy Lowell

The chatter of little people
Breaks on my purpose
Like the water-drops which slowly wear the rocks to powder.
And while I laugh
My spirit crumbles at their teasing touch.

This poem, to me, perfectly encapsulates how emotionally draining it can be to deal with others, sometimes.  To be surrounded by the foreign, no matter how much you smile and laugh, does wear on you, crumbling your spirit slowly "like the water drops which...wear the rocks to powder."  Even if we don't take the title, "Aliens" to mean foreign peoples in terms of culture, it can simply be strangers.  I think we've all had a day where every interaction takes something out of you.  We are all alien to one another on some level, and our selves are our sanctum and shield.

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