Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Spring Wind - Chris Hart

O spring wind,
You are the fine line
Between cool and warm,
The promise of green and

O spring wind,
Grant me wings,
Spread my arms and
Lift me up with your blowing,

With the remarkable weather we've had lately, I felt the impulse to write.  Maybe it's too saccharine and contrived, but I present to you without a hint of irony my feelings about the spring wind.  I think we unfairly denigrate sincerity in our society today and I find the only antidote is to be sincere.  Enjoy spring, friends.


  1. A fine poem. As good poems do, it articulates a moment I had not till now recognised: the sensual pleasure found in the perfect poise of a spring wind between cool and warm (I'm assuming you meant to write warm). I love the repetition at the end, and the one-word last line of each verse. There's something very satisfying about that rhyme, too.

    1. Thanks as always for the kind words, Tig. I've fixed that embarrassing error, too. I'm glad I was able to capture that feeling of a perfect May day when the wind is in that place between warm and cool; it's one of my favorite spring sensations.

      The simple rhyme just felt right to me, so I'm glad it did to you as well.