Thursday, March 5, 2015

December 30 - Richard Brautigan

At 1:03 in the morning a fart
smells like a marriage between
an avocado and a fish head.

I have to get out of bed
to write this down without
   my glasses on.

Honestly, I chose this poem because it made me laugh, and because of how easily to relate to I found it.  Those silly thoughts that sometimes flit into the mind in the early hours of the morning, those bizarrisms of which we're all capable; this poem captures it nicely.  Presumably having cracked a particularly nasty fart, Brautigan remarked on its smell to himself and liked the turn of phrase so much that he had to get out, without his glasses, even, and write it down.  I've had similar thoughts in similar situations (off the top of my head, I can remember comparing a fart to a war crime and wondering if I just broke the Geneva convention) though I've never written them down.  Maybe I should.  Brautigan's certainly brought me a laugh.  It's nice for poetry to be gross sometimes.  It doesn't always need to be about beauty or truth.  Besides, I'm pretty sure fart jokes have been funny since time immemorial.

A friend of mine hit on something interesting with this poem.  "That sounds like the journal entry of an insomniac" was his comment.  I think that's a cool way to look at it, and it fits, what with the very specific time and date annotation.

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