Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A Lady Dressed By Youth - Duchess of Newcastle Margaret Cavendish

Her hair was curls of Pleasure and Delight,
Which on her brow did cast a glistening light.
As lace on her bashful eyelids downward hung:
A modest countenance o'er her face was flung:
Blushes, as coral beads, she strung to wear
About her neck, and pendants for each ear:
Her gown was by Proportion cut and made,
With veins embroidered, with complexion laid,
Rich jewels of pure honor she did wear,
By noble actions brightened everywhere:
Thus dressed, to Fame's great court straightaways she went,
To dance a brawl with Youth, Love, Mirth, Content.

This brief poem is a picture of youth, described as a young lady.  The idea that we are all clothed in youth is nice, and the images here are certainly radiant.  My favorite image is that we all go out to "dance a brawl with Youth, Love, Mirth, Content."  Fighting, dancing, all in the bright glow of youth.  It's a very attractive image, and I like that.  There's not much more to say, really.  The poem is straightforward rhyming couplets with simple language.  I just like the thought of us dancing a brawl, of seizing our happiness.

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