Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Pizza the Size of the Sun - Jack Prelutsky

I'm making a pizza the size of the sun,
a pizza that's sure to weigh more than a ton,
a pizza too massive to pick up and toss,
a pizza resplendent with oceans of sauce.

I'm topping my pizza with mountains of cheese,
with acres of peppers, pimentos, and peas,
with mushrooms, tomatoes, and sausage galore,
with every last olive they had at the store.

My pizza is sure to be one of a kind,
my pizza will leave other pizzas behind,
my pizza will be a delectable treat,
that all who love pizza are welcome to eat.

The oven is hot, I believe it will take
a year and a half for my pizza to bake.
I can hardly wait til my pizza is done,
my wonderful pizza the size of the sun.

It's fun to look back on a poem from childhood, particularly when it's as delightfully imaginative as this.  It conveys a sense of playful scope, and is just fun to read out loud.  Really, I only wanted to post this because I'm a pizza delivery guy this summer.  I was trying to think of a poem to write about pizza, but nothing I came up with was any good.  Thankfully, my good friend reminded me that this poem exists!  I owe her one for saving me some considerable shame, as whatever poem I wrote about pizza would no doubt be dreadful.

So always remember the little kid in you, with starry eyed enthusiasm for the wondrous dream of making a pizza pie the size of the sun :)


  1. Fun! You had many of the poems from this book committed to memory, even before you could read.

  2. Using this for a pizza post on my blog.. fun:) I'm hungry now..

  3. pretty cool. I love the poem more than the pizza now =)

  4. Is this kind of a narrative poetry?